The Pirate’s Bane

Blood Sea Tales, Book 3

Nothing is more deadly than a wounded dragon.

Jhavika Keshmir stood on the cusp of greatness…until Captain Kevril Longbright stole her weapons of conquest. But the loss of her hand, her enchanted scourge, and her truthsayer did not defeat Jhavika, it only enraged her. Now her only goal is to take back what is hers and to kill the pirate captain in the process.

Kevril flees across the Blood Sea with Jhavika close in his wake. Devastated by the changes wrought upon his beloved Preel by the scourge’s enchantment, he vows to abolish Jhavika’s burgeoning reign of slavery and blood if it is the last thing he ever does. And it may well be, considering the truthsayer’s unsettling answer to his question of where they must go to destroy the scourge.

Torn by conflicting emotions and memories, Preel seeks release from her magical torment. An unexpected ally offers an uneasy choice: a life of heart-rending sentiment or the solace of oblivion.

Now all must confront their deepest nightmares in the magical maelstrom of the Serpent’s Eye…


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