Dragon Nemesis

Dragons of Boston, Book Two

Aleksi Rychenknya’s metamorphosis is complete.

A throwback to a long-extinct genetic twist that lay hidden with the human genome for twenty millennia, she is the only one of her kind in the world. Hunted by the government that would use her as a weapon, sought by a subversive and secretive organization that can reshape human flesh, and loved by the one man who keeps her dreadful secret, the man she longs to be with, but cannot for fear of infecting him with this dreadful genetic transformation.

For the transformation that reshaped Aleksi into something more dragon than human is contagious, and as they learn more of what drives those who are infected, she realizes that she harbors a plague that could mean the end of mankind.

There is hope, however, or the promise of hope. But Aleksi cannot trust those who promise to make her human again. And yet, if it means a chance to regain her life, to become Aleksi Rychenknya again, to be with the man she loves again, perhaps it’s worth the risk.

The greater risk comes from an unexpected quarter, however, for Aleksi is not the only Dragon of Boston. This new dragon has but one irresistible urge burning in his mind: he must find her. For male dragons are driven only to eliminate rival males and procreate.

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