Cheese Runners

Cheese Runners Trilogy, Book 1


In the future, the only weapon against the evil aliens is a nice, sharp cheddar!

Conquest by the technologically superior Farfnians may have reduced Earth to a third-world planet, but humans have a secret weapon…cheese! The Farfnians are addicted, and there’s nothing like a little contraband to boost the economy.

Enter Captain Harry Fische and the intrepid crew of the stringship Limburger: a xenophilic pilot, a security officer with more brawn than brain, and an immortal engineer with a death wish. Smuggling cheese is just a job—from their clandestine cheese factory deep beneath the green fields of Wisconsin to the slimy planet of Carpool—until they rescue a curvaceous clone who make the best margaritas in the universe. That’s when all hell breaks loose…


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