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Weapon of Flesh – Book 1, Weapon of Flesh Series          BUY for 99¢

A weapon is forged from flesh and magic…

Tattooed with magical runes to enhance his skills and suppress his emotions, Lad is raised from birth to be the most lethal assassin the world has ever known. He is the pinnacle of his master’s magical and martial arts, a true weapon of flesh, all according to plan. Until the plan goes awry…

Alone for the first time, Lad’s future is now in his own hands. Undeterred, he heads out into the world, and the weapon begins to become a person…

But a person is not what the Grandfather of Assassins has invested a fortune and nearly two decades to achieve. When his weapon does not arrive as promised, the Grandfather sets loose his hunters.

The only problem? No one thought a weapon of flesh would fall in love. Now only death will release Lad from his servitude and save the woman he loves—the Grandfather’s death…or his own.



Zellohar – Book 1, Cornerstones Trilogy          BUY for 99¢

Zellohar Keep is lost…

Once the ancestral home of a glorious dwarven kingdom, Zellohar is now prison to a dark evil. The dwarves used the might of the Cornerstones, conduits to the power of the elemental spheres, to forever seal the keep. But the minions of the Dark Gods are not so easily imprisoned.

Nekdukarr Lord Iveron Darkmist has escaped to wreak a storm of destruction and death. With the Cornerstones to fuel his magic and the Dark Gods’ favor, he will be invincible.

All that stands in his way are a horse farmer’s daughter, a superstitious tribesman, a defrocked priest, a demented dwarf, and an elf cursed with lycanthropy. Seeking to recover the Cornerstones, the unwitting companions incur the wrath of Iveron Darkmist. But even death is no refuge from the power of the Dark Gods.



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