Out-of-print books available

Due to the dissolution of the publishing company that originally released these books, they are now out of print. Though I am revising the stories for future publication,  I have a limited supply of the original versions of these titles for sale at a 20% discount.* Unfortunately, I can only ship to U. S. addresses.

Contact me for your signed copy!

The Queen’s Scourge

Captain Kevril Longbright values his freedom as commander of the pirate ship Scourge, bound to none save his own will. Riding the coattails of his ambitious partner, Cymbra Laraklaea, he foresees a mutually profitable future. But freedom is as insubstantial as the enchanted mists that envelope the Aeradaunt Sea, and soon dark suspicions plague the captain. How does Cymbra always convince him to do what she wants? And why does she always carry that scourge on her hip? A mysterious slave reveals the unwelcome answer to the question Kevril doesn’t dare ask.

Can you be a slave if you don’t know it?

Available in trade paperback    $12

* Media mail shipping not included.


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